After School Programs

After School & Lunch Programs

Imagineers/Random Fun

The Imagineers is a youth mentorship group that was formed last year as a leadership opportunities.  We wanted to create a school connectedness opportunity where Jr and Sr High students planned and facilitated an after school program for Grades 1-4 students.  They named themselves and we love the name.  They also named their program “Random Fun”, because the activities are quite random and change depending on the Imagineers that are in the group to fit their “passions”.  We’ve had drama days, sing alongs, crafts, art, snack making, large group games, board games and video games.  The program is always well attended by the younger students with usually a wait list and typically runs for 4 sessions per program once a week from 3:20-4:30pm.  This year the Imagineers wanted to recruit new members so they did some candy grams to spread awareness about their group and we now have two new members to make us a group of 8 with three adult supervisors.  The Imagineers also did a skit for grades K-5 called the Juice Box Bully in November to raise awareness about bullying prevention.  The K-5 students really enjoyed the skit and some of them still recognize the Imagineers as the stars of the show!  With such success, this might be something that the Imagineers do more often.  They are also discussing fundraising opportunities to be able to be more sustainable.

Ages: Imagineers: Jr. High Students

Random Fun: Elementary Students

Art for Lunch

Students are invited to bring their lunches and socialize with their peers while discussing and expressing themselves through art. Each week features a different topic (e.g. 10 facts, lyrics, places to visit) and students then illustrate their thoughts and feelings in their personal art journal.

Ages: Grade 7-9

Students Against Drinking and Driving

Students Against Drinking & Driving (S.A.D.D.) empowers teens and encourages them to consider the impact of their choices on their friends and families. S.A.D.D. members ask their peers to learn the facts, make the best decision, and help their friends to do the same. Teens will be educated and provided with the knowledge, skills, and power to make safe choices that will directly impact their futures.

S.A.D.D. Alberta’s goal is to inspire and motivate young people to stand up and eliminate the number one cause of death and injury among youth — drinking and driving!

* This Program is student-led and run, however a Staff Advisor is required in order to register the Chapter online. Staff Advisors are meant to oversee the operations of the Executive, and act as a mediator for the group. All email communication from SADD Alberta is received by the Staff Advisor.

Ages: Grade 7-12

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program is geared towards all youth from the ages of 14-25, and encourages youth to participate and get involved in activities they are already involved in, as well as new activities that fall within the following four areas: community service, personal skill development, physical recreation, and taking part in an adventurous journey. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program’s aims are to have youth gain personal development, training, and achievement. The program has three levels that youth have the possibility to work towards – bronze, silver, and gold.

Ages: 14-25

To learn more about the Award or to receive leadership training, please contact the local Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Office at 403.237.7476, email or visit their website at

To learn more about our programs, please contact the Wellness Worker in your school.