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 Family Violence Prevention Month 

Why do we have a Family Violence Prevention Month?

Alberta.ca Human Services:

Reach Out. Speak Out. – It Takes All Of Us #ABFVPM

Albertans want to live in a province where everyone feels safe. Our government is committed to ending family violence. But, we can’t do this alone. It takes all of us working together to promote healthy relationships and safe communities in our province.

The Government of Alberta has adopted a whole-government approach to making lasting change through Family Violence Hurts Everyone: A Framework to End Family Violence in Alberta.

We continue working closely with our community partners across the province to prevent violence, support those affected by it, and to break the cycle of violence and abuse.

What is Family Violence?

Alberta.ca Human Services:

Family violence is the abuse of power within relationships of family, trust or dependency that endangers the survival, security or well-being of another person. It can include spousal abuse (married or common-law), elder abuse and neglect, child abuse and neglect, child sexual abuse, parent abuse and exposure to abuse of others in the family.

Family violence may include some or all of the following behaviours: physical abuse, psychological abuse, criminal harassment/stalking, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and spiritual abuse. See Understanding Abuse and Warning Signs of Abuse for more information.

For more information go to: http://www.humanservices.alberta.ca/abuse-bullying/15676.html

Family Violence Alberta Statistics

Alberta.ca Human Services:

From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, there were:

  • –  13 family violence incidents that resulted in 15 family violence deaths in Alberta.
  • – In total, from January 2008 to December 2015, there were 132 family violence deaths in Alberta.
  • – 58% of victims were killed by someone who was their current partner (spouse/common-law/current boyfriend/girlfriend);
  • – 17% were killed by a former intimate partner (ex-spouse/ex-common-law/ex-boy/girlfriend);
  • – 15% were killed by a family member.
  • – 10% of the victims were bystanders who were unrelated or unknown to the perpetrator.
  • – 72% of the victims are between the ages of 20-49

For more information: https://www.solgps.alberta.ca/safe_communities/community_awareness/family_violence/Documents/DomesticIntimatePartnerViolenceAlberta.pdf


Alberta.ca Justice and Solicitor General

2008-2013 Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence in Alberta

31.5% victims were male and 68.2% were female

For more information:



Following information brought to you by the Step Forward Task Force 

Unhealthy Relationships

  • – One person makes all the decisions such as what to do, who to be friends with and what to wear.
  • – One person makes threats or is physically abusive to the other.
  • – One person lies, hides things, uses pressure or force. No consideration is given for the other person’s feelings or thoughts.
  • – One person thinks “I can’t live without them”. There may be threats to do something drastic if the relationship ends.
  • – One person uses pressure or force to engage in sexual activity when the other does not want to.
  • – One person pretends to ignore the other, name-calls, criticizes or is mean.

Healthy Relationships

  • – Decisions are made together. If there are children, partners parent together.
  • – Neither partner hit, punch, kick, bite, slap, push or otherwise strike out in anger or jealousy.
  • – Partners respect each other, trust each other and talk openly and honestly. Consideration is given to both partners feelings.
  • – Partners don’t depend on the relationship to feel good about themselves. They feel they can safely end the relationship if needed.
  • – One person never forces sexual activity or insists on doing something the other isn’t comfortable with.
  • – Both people have fun in the relationship. They laugh a lot together.

Every relationship involves some conflict, but using violence is never acceptable.

Try these tips:

  • – Figure out what is really bothering you and talk about it
  • – Negotiate, look for healthy compromises
  • – Act how you would want to be treated
  • – Take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions
  • – If things get heated, take a time-out
  • – If you have trouble keeping your anger in check, get help.
  • – YES means YES, everything else means NO

Help is available in your community

Crisis Hotline : 403-266-4357

Family Violence Information Line: 310-1818



  • – Janice Fehr Counselling (Hanna): 780-226-8594
  • – Diana Gudim Counselling(Hanna): 403-869-4936
  • – Family Resource Workers (J.C Charyk School): 403-854-4874
  •                                               403-854-3642 Ext. 6142
  • – AHS Mental Health Services (Hanna): 403-854-5276
  • – AHS Addiction Services (Drumheller/Hanna): 403-820-7863
  • – Big Country Victim Services(Drumheller/Hanna): 403-823-4233
  • – Janice Fehr Counselling (Hanna): 780-226-8594
  • – Diana Gudim Counselling(Hanna): 403-869-4936
  • – Lifetalk Counselling (Brooks):  403-362-2210 (this is a faith-based organization)
  • – Family Resource Workers (Berry Creek Community School): 1-844-566-3743
  • – AHS Mental Health Services (Hanna): 403-854-5276
  • – AHS Community Mental Health (Brooks):  403-793-6655
  • – AHS Addictions (Brooks): 403-362-1265
  • – AHS Addiction Services (Drumheller/Hanna): 403-820-7863
  • – Big Country Victim Services(Drumheller/Hanna): 403-823-4233
  • – Victim’s Services (Brooks): 794-4455

For more information about the Step Forward Task Force go to:


Family and Community Safety Program

Mobilizing community partners to address family violence.

Project Lead: Becky Viste

Phone: 403.854.2099 Ext. 221

E-mail: becky.viste@hannalearning.com

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