Back to School Mental Health Tips

Students and staff have already spent an entire month back in school!  How did the month of September wrap up so quickly?!  Now that everyone has had time to settle into the school year, it may be time to visit some tips and strategies on how to manage our “Back to School Mental Health”!

As parents, many of us start off the year with plans of being organized for the new school year.  We buy back to school clothes and shoes, have lunches made the night before, kids are up, dressed, fed and ready for the bus with plenty of time to spare. Everyone is excited and happy for this journey back to school.  After the first week things start to change. Slowly our well planned, oiled machine begins to fall apart.  After-school activities begin, kids have homework, peer relationships are changing, lunches are thrown together as the bus comes into the yard and a variety of other issues begin to creep up.  Life happens and we begin to feel the pressure to try and juggle everything and still look happy!

Although we can’t control everything in our lives and we do understand some things are out of our control, REACH found a few resources that provided Mental Health tips and strategies for back to school.

Back-To-School Mental Health Tips For Parents:

by Christina Siemens, MAMFT                                                              Mental Health Association Oklahoma

Director of Outreach and Prevention Services                    

Mental Health Association in Tulsa

  1. Stay involved in your kids’ lives, and know who their friends are. Kids can sometimes cover up the fact that they are being bullied, so knowing their friends, their friends’ parents, and the school environment, will allow you to see if your child has a healthy relationship with their peers.
  2. Make yourself known to your kids’ teachers. It’s important teachers are comfortable talking with you, especially if they notice a change in your child’s behavior.
  3. Make sure your kids eat a healthful breakfast and a nutritious lunch, and that they are getting plenty of exercise. This will help their mental and physical health, plus it will improve their confidence and give them the energy they need to succeed in the classroom and on the playing field.
  4. For parents who just dropped your child off for their first day of school, I know some of you may be a bit emotional today. It’s OK to call and check on your kid at school by calling the office. This will definitely ease any anxiety you may be feeling.
  5. When your kids get home from school, ask how their day was, if they made any new friends, and if they like their teacher. Give them a hug and know that tomorrow’s school day will be even better than today.


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